What would you do if you had a leaky roof?  Fix the leak and solve the problem, or put a bucket under the leak and wait for months until the whole ceiling falls down?

Functional medicine focuses on individuals.  It’s supported by advanced testing and genetics together with the art of listening to your story in order to develop a plan that is tailored for you, your body, and your life.  Functional medicine practitioners are dedicated to finding the root cause or the source of a problem (like the leaky roof) instead of merely giving you prescriptions like the bucket that catches the dripping water until the ceiling falls apart.

Functional Medicine is about PREVENTING disease and optimizing your health and quality of life in ways I never thought possible.

Functional medicine practitioners dramatically reduce the 15-year gap that lies between scientific discovery and its implementation by using solid scientific foundations to translate breakthroughs in scientific understanding into clinical practice in real-time.

A functional medicine coach (FMC) uses the same approach. A FMC will help you find out your individual health challenges and the answers to these issues. You’ll also connect with the motivation to overcome any obstacles and have access to a network of professionals that will support your healing process.

Additional Information on Functional Medicine can be found on The Institute for Functional Medicine and ChrissKresser.com

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