6 DIY strategies to reduce anxiety

Anxiety is becoming a part of our lives, to the point that we’re normalizing this state of mind. Some people have panic attacks or physical symptoms, and we believe this is normal and manageable.  

If you feel that anxiety is taking too much space in your life and it’s debilitating, talk to someone and find out what you can do to best support yourself. 

You can also try these DIY strategies to see how it goes. Even if you don’t feel anxious, dare to experiment and watch out for the improvements. 

1 – Presence: when we feel anxious, all those worrying thoughts come from the future. Your to-do list at work, the house, what your boss is going to say, or what’s going to happen tomorrow! 

Whenever your mind starts wandering into the future, STOP! Go back to the present. 

Embrace the moment you’re in. Describe it, feel it, move and focus on your movements and release… 

2 – Shake your body: when we’re emotionally dysregulated, we usually just need to find our rhythm again. This is is why we rock babies and walk them around, so they can find their rhythm. (1) So, whenever you’re faced with anxiety, go for a walk, dance, do some asanas, or swim if you can! We’re all different, so start identifying the activities that help you get in sync. Swimming is liberating for me, but I can’t do it as often as I would like to. Instead, I do yoga with inspiring music to calm my mind.  

3- Breath: it sounds simple, but it’s not. In fact, emerging research shows that we are not breathing properly, and we need to re-train our bodies on how to breathe. Here is a SUPER SIMPLE breathing retraining.

Breathing is so important because it allows our body to be more efficient and even improve our posture. Here is a 3-minute breathing practice.

4- Listen to Music or a meditation: even if you’re not in a place where you can meditate find a tune that relaxes you. 

Here are my favorites: 
Debussy – Arabesque No.1 and No.2
A Meditation to Manifest Anything You Want

5- Connect with any of the four elements: water, air, earth, and fire: 

Take a shower if you’re at home – the warm water will relax you but cold water has incredible benefits for the body and mind. (2) I take cold showers daily and it has become a habit I love.

If you’re at the office, watch your hands, or go for a walk in the cold weather without a jacket to feel the air on your skin. This will bring you down to earth. 

If you are next to a park – practice grounding. Walk barefooted on the grass or hug a tree. Simply, be in nature. 5 minutes will do wonders. 

Living in London is difficult when it comes to enjoying outdoor time. You may be thinking – this is not for me. But you can simply find a plant and touch its leaves, or put one of your fingers in the ground and release your stress… 

6- Tapping or Emotional Freedom Techniques: research shows that tapping improves depression and anxiety. (3) – I’ve tried it, but it is not for me. Some of my clients and friends tell me they find it really helpful. You can try it App to find out if this works for you. 

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