When it comes to beauty products, I always aim for natural – toxic-free, and best practices. Here are some of my favorites:

Face and Body

All products you put in your skin get through your blood torrent and into your body. This means that all toxins and chemicals present in beauty products sooner or later will take a toll on your health. So, you should read the labels and watch out for the risks. Here are my favorites:

For dry skin during winter: Weleda Skin Food

Excellent Chlorine Remover with delicious fragrance: Thinkbaby Shampoo & Body Wash

Baby shampoo and body wash, Earth Mama. It is a gentle foam that smells delicious. It’s super relaxing for mum and baby.

Face cleanser for oily skin: Sehaki. I do love this cleanser, it is extremely gentle and reduces the oil excess from my face.

beauty products
Beauty products pink and white displayed beautifully.


Shampoo and nutritive treatment for dry, colored, and thick hair: Apivita & Shea Moisture


For mums and babies Think Baby

For mums only with filters that help reduce dark spots: Heliocare 360


I’ve tried a lot of different brands in this category and certainly, it’s been a waste of time and money. So, when I found Native, I was beyond excited. They have different fragrances, so you can feel as seasonal as you want and find the right one for you. My husband also uses and likes it.

Water Filter

Nikken: I have used this water filter for quite some time now. It’s a very basic one but it removes the main toxins from water such as mercury and lead.

Hand Sanitizer

Burst and Bees: Hand Sanitizer has become an everyday product. We use it more than any other thing and the bad news is that they are incredibly toxic. So the more natural you can go the better!

If you’re ever in doubt about the products you’re using you can go to the website of the Environmental Working Group. They offer an incredible database. If they don’t have your product rated, you can upload it and expand the list of products.

Post Partum – Must Haves

Postpartum must have products
  1. Get a good natural nipple cream and start using it during the last couple of weeks of your due date. Apply a tiny bit each night.  Earth Mamma and Mother Love are really great.
  2. If your milk supply needs a boost you can try some natural herbs. Mother’s Milk Tea More Milk Plus.
  3. Get a Pelvic Floor ball. My favorite no doubt is Enna Pelvic Ball.
  4. Recovery regime: this is a five step kit to help you heal and recover faster after birth.
  5. Rosita Cod Liver Oil: packed with pure fatty nutrients (Omega-3) from wild-caught Norwegian cod.
  6. Prenatal – Garden of Life & Pure Encapsulations.

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