Body Cleanse

I know, I know! We all indulged and ate more than we wanted to. Those times are necessary, and I can see the difference in my body and mind when I don’t eat healthy foods. Can you tell the difference?

This is not about a green juice cleanse. This is about forgiving yourself and getting back into the routine as soon as possible. To make your life easy, I’ll share with you some simple steps to speed up the process. Take a look

Step one: let’s get back to meal prepping. This email is timely because we have the weekend ahead of us to plan wisely. What would you have for lunch and dinner next week? 

Do you need to cook? Make a list! 

If you are one of my clients, you’re lucky because all you need is to pull out your ingredients lists and the meal template – modify things accordingly.

Step 2: be smart about your choices. To remove the waste unhealthy foods leave in our bodies, we need antioxidants! I suggest you eat more pomegranate, berries, artichoke, dark leafy greens, green tea, and spices. You can add some berries and mint to your water to help your body detoxify faster. 

Step 3: consider buying a good vitamin C supplement or add exotic fruits such as Moringa, Acai berry, or Kamu-Kamu into your diet. Check with your doctor to see if supplementing with Glutathione could be a good idea for you. 

Step 4: exercise. 

Step 5: if you have access to a sauna, don’t hesitate. It’s the best way to eliminate toxins from your body.  

Last but not least, we always focus on the body but what about the mind and the soul? Did you have some difficult encounters and low-energy vibes during this season?

If you did, you should also clean your soul and mind. This is as simple as the other process and it only requires space to recharge your energy. 

Step 1: reflect on the people or situations that disturbed your energy and what you can learn from those situations. 

Step 2: clean your energy by reconnecting with nature or grounding. Swimming works well for me and it is a great therapy to clean my energy and reduce stress.

Step 3:  if you meditate, set an intention to clean your soul from negative energy and re-charge. 

Step 4: do something that brings joy into your life and reactivate the good vibes. 

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