Biohack your Fertility and Improve your Chances of Pregnancy.

Biohack your fertility
Learn simple tips to improve your chances of getting pregnant

Are you trying to conceive or thinking about it, or perhaps you’re already struggling with it?Here are three things you can try to optimize your health and start solving the problem.

1 – Stabilize your blood sugar levels
Do you even know what your sugar levels are? 
A good place to start is to take control and ask your doctor to do some blood work. I recommend you test your fasting blood glucose and Hemoglobin A1ct. . I recommend you test your fasting blood glucose and Hemoglobin A1ct. 

The first one will tell you how high is your blood sugar is in the morning. Optimum levels should be under 100. 

Hemoglobin A1 c gives you an average of your blood sugar levels over the last 12 weeks. Optimum levels should be lower than 5.5.

If your sugar levels are above normal levels, you should adjust your diet. Eliminate sugar and flour. Remember that biochemically, eating white bread is like eating sugar. 
Reduce your carbohydrate intake and focus on complex carbs such as (plantain, potato, yuca, taro), and simple carbs from veggies and fruits. (No more than two servings of fruit per day)

For more information on blood sugar levels, take a look at the following article by Chris Kresser: When your blood sugar isn’t normal

2. Sleep & Recover 
By recovery, I mean to focus on good quality and quantity of sleep. How many hours do you sleep every night? Do you feel rested? Are you constantly waking up through the night? 

Start tracking your sleep, identify the issue and make changes asap!

Some things to help: 

Maintain proper circadian rhythms by going to bed at the same time every night and waking up at the same time every morning. Get enough sun exposure, and if this is not possible during wintertime, get a Sad Light Therapy Lamp and use it every day.

If your issue has to do with working too much or having high levels of stress – you should look into strategies to help your mind to relax. You can check my latest article on how chronic stress affects fertility here. Also, you’ll find some simple steps that could help. 

3. Invest in is a water purification system:
Hydrating seems obvious to everyone and it’s something a lot of people fail to do. What’s even worse, very few people drink enough pure water. The fact that we live in countries that provide us access to generally “clean” water doesn’t mean that this water is optimum. Sadly, our water supplies are often contaminated with pharmaceuticals, pesticides, and other byproducts of industrialization. 

I recommend these two water filters: Aquatru Water – Nikken

For a deep dive into this topic visit

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