How moving to a new home can impact your menstrual cycle

Stress during home relocation.

If you follow me on Instagram or have read my articles, you may have noticed that I talk a lot about menstrual cycle tracking. I’m very serious about this because that’s the way I prevent pregnancy and keep my health in check. Also, tracking my cycle gives me the knowledge I need to work with my clients.

This particular month due to the move to London, I’ve been under constant stress, sleeping less than usual, my diet hasn’t been optimal and of course, I have not exercised as much as I am used to.

All this to say that my period was late four days this month. I knew I wasn’t pregnant, but I also knew that my hormones weren’t optimal. Besides the late period, I had lots of PMS, cramps, mood swings, lower back pain and I was exhausted!

If I weren’t tracking my period and connecting the dots, I wouldn’t notice these changes and if I were trying to get pregnant, I might have lost an entire month!

Because time is precious and we want to make the best of it, my invitation is to start watching your period today.

Three simple things you can watch out for:

1 – Cervical mucus method: have you noticed your egg white? This particular discharge tells us when we are ovulating. Our body produces this mucus to help the sperm get to your eggs safe and sound. The egg white is a transparent discharge that looks exactly like the clear part of an egg. The day you see this discharge may be your peak day. Find out more about this method here.

2-  Basal Body Temperature: our temperature tells us when the progesterone levels increase in our body. This happens when our Estrogen and Luteinizing Hormone reach their peak. So, whenever our temp raises means that your ovulation has finished (2). Your peak would be the day before your temp raises. 

3- Cervical position: this is the ultimate ovulation sign and the least common and explained. You literally need to touch and get to know your body. I call this self-awareness. In the beginning, you may don’t notice anything but once you start getting familiar with it your cervix softness, openness and position, you’ll discover how easy is to identify your ovulation day. This is a great article on the topic.

If you want to take this to the next level, I strongly recommend the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility by doctor Toni Weschler.

If you’re experiencing a stressful period in your life, be compassionate with yourself and allow your body a couple of months to recover, so you’ll be back on your game. To get additional tips on how to optimize your health for fertility read my latest article Biohack your Fertility and Improve your Chances to Conceive.

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