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Learn how to get rid of toxins with simple steps

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been focusing on toxicity in cosmetic products.  

This topic is relevant because on average in the UK a woman uses 16 beauty products every day (1). While we have plenty of information about how these chemicals disrupt our endocrine system (2) we still need to learn so much about it and most importantly, make changes. 

Don’t get overwhelmed, here is your health coach to take you step by step. 

  1. Start with your food. This is the reason we want to go organic. Pesticides not only kill bugs and plague. Pesticides kill our bacteria and this is one of the main causes of leaky gut, gluten and food sensitivities and endless health problems (3) (4). 
  2. Invest in a water filter. Water is one of the main sources of heavy metals. Sadly our oceans are contaminated and this means that fish is also a source of mercury and led. Find responsibly produced sources of fish.
  3. Check your own products. Shampoo, soap, body lotion and makeup. To get additional tips on this check out my Instagram.
  4. Check the cleaning products in your house. These are the kings of toxicity for the environment and our bodies. Try to find replacements – one of my go-to brands is Method. Use gloves and ensure ventilation at all times when manipulating these chemicals. 
  5. Finally, check out your house for any signs of mould. Mould is one of the most dangerous and silent toxins. This article has all the info you need: Mould Illness: What It Is, 5 Common Misconceptions, and Prevention.

In this article, you’ll find additional information on how toxins affect the gut microbiome and our gut. Also, if you have any further questions just send me a message here.

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