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Motherhood is challenging and unpredictable. It feels as if you’re navigating a boat which you have no control of. Motherhood is a gift and accepting that nature and God work in their own ways is the first step to walk into a life of happiness. From the moment you conceive until the end of your days, you’ll realise that your baby’s life is not in your control and you can only nurture it with the purest love, mum’s love.

I’m Edna, the mum of Thomas, a two-year-old who has inspired me to achieve my healthiest self by renewing my energy, finding balance, eating whole foods, and sleeping properly.  All this is not impossible – and I can show you how you can do it too.

During my pregnancy and post-partum, I was inundated with advice from doctors, friends, and family. However, most of the advice I was given didn’t sit right with me, so I made a commitment to nurture my baby with real food instead of supplements, based on the latest scientific evidence.

My feelings and extensive research showed me that current nutritional guidelines are out of date.  For example, you can get folic acid from foods instead of a synthetic formula created in a lab. Vitamin A is not the enemy, and we need to get more of this nutrient than what doctors currently recommend.  Having cereal with low fat yogurt or a slice of bread for breakfast is not ideal when it comes to building brains and hearts.  But who knew this?  For years, we’ve been told that cereals are healthy and enhanced with vitamins and minerals, and as long as the bread is whole grain, we’re safe!

At the time, I was confused and stressed because I didn’t know how to tell my doctor, family and friends that science has shown us that the nutritional environment of a mother’s womb affects her baby’s health, not only at birth and during early infancy, but for the rest of their life.

This also means that the process to build your child’s optimal health starts even before conception!  But nobody told you this, right? I know, nobody told me either.

Post-partum and motherhood are also challenging to the point that we mums forget about our own health and wellness priorities, and I learned the hard way that a healthy mum translates into a healthy family.

After a process of extensive research and training, I learned and adopted an ancestral lifestyle that transformed my life and my family’s future. We’ve rediscovered and reconnected with our bodies through the power of food, exercise, sleep and stress management techniques.


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Being a mum is overwhelming, scary and challenging sometimes.  To make things even harder, we have yet to see the implementation of the latest medical evidence in the healthcare system. 

That’s why as an ADAPT Certified Functional Health Coach from the Kresser Institute, I’m here to walk alongside with you and help you discover and build your own health and wellness future.  I’ll help you to make wise choices, become flexible and adapt to the changes and uncertainties of our current environment.

If you’re considering having a baby, you’re already pregnant or living post-partum and looking to become a super healthy mum, you’ve come to the right place!

I help my clients create habits to nurture their bodies as well as their families.  Working with me, you’ll discover how to take your family’s health to the next level with simple, natural and holistic principles that will transform your life for the better– forever.

Welcome to a community of super mums who are here to see you flourish and share their struggles with you!

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I promise you’ll be part of an amazing online club of successful, driven and hardworking moms and moms-to-be who are striving for the exact goal you are – BALANCE.


Some other things about me...

The beach is my favourite place.

I’m bilingual and speak Spanish and English.

God is my secret weapon!

I love to talk – I may be the girl at the supermarket making conversation with everybody.

Cooking is my third language and I love experimenting with flavours.

I believe that we’re better together than we’re apart, so walking with someone is easier than walking alone.

I’d love to hear from you–drop me a note edna@ednaoliveros.com. 

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